Study uncovers trigger for cachexia

Among all major cancers, pancreatic cancer has the highest rate of death - 93 percent of patients die within five years of diagnosis.Treating the disease is difficult not only because the tumors spread quickly, but because of a muscle-wasting condition called cachexia that affects at least 80 pe... Read More

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Scientists highlight advances and uses of organoids in gastroenterology and hepatology

One of the most exciting advancements in stem cell research has been the development of organoid systems, which are organ-like three-dimensional structures that mimic their corresponding organ in vivo. In this important review in Digestive and Liver Disease, published by Elsevier, scientist... Read More

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CStone initiates combination therapy trial for advanced liver cancer

CStone Pharmaceuticals received approval to initiate clinical development in China of a combination therapy for patients with locally advanced to metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma, according to a press release.The multicenter, open-label and multidose phase 1b/2 study will evaluate the safety,... Read More

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World Stomach Day: International initiative to raise awareness and support for a vital organ

A sophisticated organ with a unique physiology, biochemistry, immunology and microbiology, the stomach is an integrated part of the digestive system that acts as a reservoir for food, protects the body against foreign elements entering the bloodstream and protects against microbial colonization.W... Read More


Japanese researchers explain how inflammation causes gastric tumors

In 1982, researchers reported a link between chronic gastritis and stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori, triggering a flurry of research into this newly-identified pathogen. These studies made it clear that in addition to its involvement in gastritis, H. pylori was a significant factor in the d... Read More

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